The best kind of weeks


There are lots of times when I really just want to freeze time! Its mainly when the children are off of school and this half term was no exception! They are growing up so fast, I just want to enjoy every single moment and remember every moment whilst we are still all together and enjoying these times.

This post is really just about what we did at half term. I don’t want to forget little things that made us smile or even frown as I feel I have forgotten so much of our times together over the years! Im probably exaggerating but as the kiddies are growing up i feel I need to grasp onto everything!!!



Before we started our half term we decided to make pancakes from scratch as I usually cheat and get made ones ( I know, I know! Its lazy but I really hate cooking!!)  Our very first one came out looking like an off colour blob which they found hilarious! They did get much better though, and they were even edible by about the sixth one!!! The best thing was that we had loads of fun, made lots of mess and spent a great few hours laughing.

Off to stay

One of the things we love most about end of terms is that quite often we will go and stay with my parents. We don’t really get to see them much during term time so we all look forward to staying with them for a few nights and the kids always love a sleepover!! Its a real mini holiday. Whilst we were there we decided to catch the bus to Plymouth to visit the Aquarium. It is somewhere we have visited quite a lot as you pay once and then visit as much as you like for a year!  The kids always enjoy it and find it relaxing. Plus, there is always something for them to do. This time it was a shark-teeth finding quiz.  It usually ends up with just me doing it all though haha



This visit the kids were excited to see that there were two new sharks. I only stood underneath them long enough to take a photo which was a bit freaky in itself as the water was so dark you couldn’t see them until they appeared right over you. I still have  nightmares about Jaws so I was happy to be moving along!


We enjoyed being able to have our first picnic of the year for dinner as the weather was lovely and after seeing an octopus, Nemo and dory,  and a huge amount of ordinary and unusual looking fish, the kiddies went to their final and favourite tank with the gorgeous turtle in it. It was more exciting as its the first time that jayden has actually seen her properly as she is usually asleep when we get there!!!  and jayden also enjoyed taking all of our photos!


Chicken treat

One of the things that the children get most excited about when we go out in half term is that I take them to KFC. I feel a bit guilty that they get so excited as im sure people must think I never treat them! Its true that we really only go maybe 3 times a year but its so far away from our village we only go if we stay at my parents and catch a bus. My eldest is 16 next year and said she would like to go out for a meal for her birthday and when I asked where to, she replied…yes you can guess Im sure… KFC!


As well as our trip to Plymouth, (which is also an experience for the children because it is so much busier than our village. Its really hard to even explain the difference. We may see one car a day where we live and a handful of people but in the city it was such a different world, ) we had fun with cousins and went to a church where they had bouncy castles for them also  to enjoy. On our return back to the village we went to see a puppet show in the village hall which was a lot of fun for children and adults! In fact, I think my Mum laughed and enjoyed it the most out of everyone!!! and in a strange coincidence, one of the puppeteers used to work at my eldest daughters Special Needs school!



In between these days I had to start yet more steroids and antibiotics so sadly I couldn’t do everything I wanted but as I was poorly at my parents it didn’t really matter so much because the kiddies were having fun anyway 🙂

This is by far not a great piece of writing but it was by far a great week and that’s the most important thing to me! 🙂 Counting down to Easter holidays now!


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