Hello Lord, are you there?

Hello lord, are you there?

You never leave, of course you are 

It’s me that sometimes forgets you

But I do love you, that’s very true. 

I need your help Lord

If I may? 

For I have some problems

That just won’t go away.

It seems I only call your name

If I need your help

Or someone to blame. 

I feel this storm will never end

Only you can help me mend 

Oh I know I’ve not been very good

I’ve not prayed as much as I really should.

But Lord this storm just will not go

I’m trying hard to not feel low

But my life seems just so  full of rain

Would you mind just taking some of the pain?

A bit of sun would change so much

I’m begging for your loving touch

I know you’re never far away 

Please take all this if you may.

I feel like a ship out at sea

Battered and thrown, lord please help me?

Just quiet the waters until I’m strong

I’m trying my best to do no wrong 

But I feel like shouting and calling out

What is this storm all about?

I promise I’ll never judge like I do now

I’ll remember this feeling and remember how

My life is in turmoil and upside down

Lord I’m asking for you to help me mend? 


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