My name is Sam and Im a 38 year old Mum of 4 children. Two girls aged 14 and 11 and Two boys aged 10 and 5. I have always wanted to document all of our memories together and often wish I had written down something funny that had happened or milestones that have been made and at the same time I always wanted to write a diary so what better way than to start a blog!! We have lots of happy times and deal with lots of things together such as my girls having Autism and my son having assessments for various things such as processing disorders and A.D.D. It would also be brilliant if I were able to make some new friends along the way!


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    • Hi I think it was just a free template on WordPress. I joined a while ago and have completely forgotten! I haven’t updated in ages but after reading your blog, it has made me want to start mine again. So 😊

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