Jesus with me.

Sometimes I don’t feel loveable
And everything I do seems wrong
I try and feel I don’t succeed
And it’s hard to sense I belong.
I wonder how it’s possible
That Jesus could love someone like me
He must have it wrong I often think
To love me it couldn’t possibly be
Maybe He doesn’t actually know me
If he did he’d surely turn away
All the things Ive done and sometimes do
He must shake his head each time I pray.
But when I’m feeling at a low
He whispers in my mind
“I forgive you, I’ll always be with you
From now until the end of time”.
I shake my head in disbelief
“How could you love such as me?”
“My child you are made for a purpose
And in time this you will come to see.
I will show you how much I love you
And you’ll never again wonder why”
With that he held out his arms each side
And for us he then chose to die.

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