Lucky Mummy, Great Kids

Its been a great few weeks and als0 hard to believe that the kiddies have been back to school for a few weeks already …and that they only have a few weeks before the Easter holidays!!!

All the children seem to be really enjoying school at the moment and doing well too. its really hitting me that Jessie will be going to secondary school in September and every event that happens Im aware that it will be her last…..and it makes me ever so slightly emotional every time!!! and I have the pleasure of having to go through exactly the same next year when Charlie is in his last year! Lititia will also next year be making the choice as to whether to stay at her Special needs school or go to college.

Speaking of Lititia, she did a reading in church a few weeks ago. I was so proud as it wasn’t that long ago that there wouldn’t have been any way that she would have been able to handle that sort of pressure. She is growing up P1020169so fast. Im also having an interesting time reading more each day with Charlie about the bible and I would love a bible journal but have no idea which one to choose! Im enjoying going to church which is something I would have never thought I would be doing a year ago. im not sure why I am taking a different path now but I love feeling part of something and have made some lovely friends at church! And they are very accepting of the children…that’s always a factor for me wherever we go. Im also so proud of how the children behave in church, even Jayden who is 5 is fantastic.


And then last weekend was Mothers day and it was my best because both girls were really kind to me all day and helped me. Usually they don’t like the day as its a change and they don’t like the fuss so can be a little rude or “play up”. After living with Autism for nearly 15 years it doesn’t bother me as I know they cant help it. This year they both made me cards and presents and were just great! my boys were lovely too of course and also both made me lovely was Jaydens first made card and he was so proud and Charlie made me loads of lovely things.


these cards are priceless!


I guess there isn’t a subject, point or anything of great interest in this post apart from to say how lucky I am to have children who are priceless!







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