About you…..

If I was writing a poem about you
What would I say?
I could include the fact that I want to talk to you
Each minute of every day.
I could write the exact minute of knowing you
But how do you know when a connection starts?
One day you’re passing time with innocent talk
The next you’re telling the details of your heart.
I could say that you mean more to me than I thought possible,
How did “hello” turn into confessions of the soul?
Feelings that have been kept inside and thought forgotten years ago.
I could say how you always make me want to be better. How you make me feel I can do anything. How if we had a thousand years left together that there would still be a million subjects to talk about.
How in a room of many there’s just your voice I want to hear. I could write how I don’t notice the others as yours are the words that keep me near.
I could write that love is so complicated yet also so simple. How you just know when someone is meant to receive it.
And I’d write that what you give me.. time, patience, understanding….. makes me want to give you my love
And all that goes with it.


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