Take My Breath Away

When I first had ideas about doing a blog, I really had high hopes for myself! I was going to write at least twice a week and take photos and make sure I stuck with it as its something I have always wanted to do in some form.

Then I forgot I had asthma!  I also have some other things like Arthritis and ME but they aren’t so bad right now so they probably wont get a mention today and Im not fond of talking about my hidden illnesses as I worry that people might think i’m being self indulgent!

Last week I went to help out at the primary school as a volunteer reader which is something I do and felt absolutely fine. The next day I couldn’t breathe and my inhalers were not working for me which really does scare me a lot. I think I caught a cold the day before from someone I spent a bit of time with, and these days every time I get a cold it goes straight to my chest.  Luckily my doctor gave me anti biotics and steroids which work luckily for me, although the steroids do make me a little ill..but that’s much better than not being able to breathe!

The thing mainly about this post really is the fact that even with the best intentions and excitement, we just never know when something might pop up that puts a damper on it all! and that each time I have an asthma attack im reminded of how ignorant I was about asthma before I became asthmatic. I really did not think that it was that much of a big deal, something I always think of when im struggling to get the air into my lungs!!! I also did not realise just how  much it effects your life and how many things can trigger it! Cold air, colds that always turn into chest infections, perfume, someones deodorant, pets,  excitement, stress….they all are the reason that at some point its a miracle if I can walk to the end of the road without having a 2 hour rest!  I did hope it may excuse me from exercise but the doctor informs me that I am still able to do that sadly!

I could really go on for ages about it but that probably wouldn’t be interesting at all for anyone and I really just wanted to have a record of why I hadn’t written in a few weeks for when I read back over the year at what we were doing. I was talking to my lovely son about what he was good at and I could think of lots and when we got to what I was good at and couldn’t think of anything, he helpfully said ” I know what you are good at! you are good at not being able t breathe!!” That really did make me laugh ( and of course that made me reach for my inaler! haha)  but he is so right.

It really is just typical of me that off all the things to be bad at, I am the worst at breathing!!!!







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