Bird watching


On a Sunday we usually go to church but if there are five sundays in the month then the villages all hold just one service and today it was too far away for us to go as we don’t drive.

The weather was horrid today. Cold, dull and icy drizzle. The perfect weather for us to stay indoors in front of the coal fire and watch tv and that’s just what we did, right? Wrong!!! My 3 youngest children decided they would like me to take them bird watching! They had seen the advert for it and thought it would be a good idea.  My eldest had the sense to flat out refuse to go..I only wish I had thought of that approach first!  Jaydens Dad was also happy to stay to look after her.

So, armed with wellies, waterproofs, a list of birds and most importantly..snacks, we set off. Now, we live in the countryside and have hundreds of trees around us and always always see birds so we expected to have to use extra sheets of paper because we would record so many.

How wrong we were!!! An hour later and quite wet, the only bird we had seen was a seagull and it wasn’t even on our list!!! We heard lots of birds, probably laughing at these odd people out in this sort of weather when they were quite snug in their nests, but not even a glimpse of a tail feather.



We did, however, have a lot of fun exploring and they certainly enjoyed seeing me struggling to climb up places whilst they without any effort just passed by me. I suppose it was lovely to see them working as a team and enjoying each others company even if it was at my expense! So, even though we probably wont make award winning birdwatchers, we did have a lot of fun, laughs, exercise and chats and even better it was all for free!!!





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