Scare me

Not very much scares me.

I get through life and I don’t worry much

I’ve had to switch my emotions off

When it concerns me.

But you came along and opened my heart

My soul. Open to bleed.

And now I have worries that keep me awake

And play like a movie that’s stuck What if I start to forget

The exact blue of your eyes?

And the sparkle in them when you laugh

How I love to look in them

And see if you’re happy or sad

How my heart jumps when I look into them

Across a room of people.

What if I forget your laugh?

And how happy I get when hearing it.

What if I forget how to make you laugh?

What if I never hear it again?

What if I’m never there to make you happy?

What if we don’t talk for a day

And then for two, three, four

Then a week and then we stop even Thinking about it.

What if I forget the exact smell of your skin

And how it tastes?

And how it feels

And how much I want to bite it

For pleasure.

What if I don’t remember how your hands feel

when they explore

Every part of my body.

And the ecstasy I get from you.

What if I don’t recognise the sound of your voice

And how I love to listen to it

If I forget our conversations

And if we don’t have any any more.

How your lips kiss mine

As if they’ve always known each other

What if you forget me?

What would I do without you?

How would I live?

These things scare me more than death.


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