I need God because through god I have a purpose and that gives me fulfilment. that’s not always been the case though and like many I have searched for happiness in many wrong places. I have tried to fill it with buying things, alcohol, other people, holidays and they made me happy for an amount of time but then when that wore off I would be back searching for the next, more exciting or more destructive thing to fill this void that I and many people have. Often these things are selfish and motivated by earning money or getting recognition as that is what we think will make us happy. A big house, new car, designer clothes may give us a certain status but they cannot fill that space that is meant to be filled.
A lot of people feel their purpose is the jobs they do whether paid or unpaid and many of these jobs really do help many people so I am not saying anything negative about that but at the moment whilst we are going through a pandemic and so many of us are staying at home there is a sense in many of being lost and I think that could be because they feel they have no purpose or they are feeling’ what is the point’ in all of this when they cannot do the things that they normally do to give them a sense of being. And I get that. I love to help out in places and without being able to do those things I felt I wasnt doing anything worthwhile.
If we aren’t doing what we know how to do then do our lives have a purpose? I think at this time its an opportunity for many people to really find fulfillment in what God wants us to do or to just spend time with Him. I need God because through God I have a purpose which gives me fulfillment. Many people look for fulfillment in so many places. The latest iphone, a holiday, having a youtube channel or even more destructive paths like alcoholism or trying to find love through many partners. These all give enjoyment, I have no doubt about that ,but only for a short amount of time and then we are looking for the next pleasure. God . doesn’t care about the laptop we have or the amount of followers on Instagram. What he cares about is the fact that we help others without fanfare or money but because we genuinely want to in our hearts. There is so much we can do at this time.
There could be people in our street that we don’t even know. Now is the time to write a note to say you are thinking of them and if you are able you could offer to pick them up some shopping when you next get yours. If you have some spare money then maybe you could buy some flowers and send them to the lady down the street who you know is on her own. Put some chocolates on the doorstep of the man you pass in the mornings but never had the time to stop and chat to. Write letters to people so they know you are thinking of them. Become a prayer warrior. It is the perfect opportunity to serve people in a quiet but meaningful way. I believe this will give you the fulfillment you are looking for. When we serve others we are becoming closer to God. Do not see this as a loss of identity but as gaining a new one.


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