I can’t say I love you….

I can’t say I love you

as how I feel about you is far beyond

Anything written about love

The feelings I have for you

Are unlike anything ever experienced By anyone before.

I would say you make my heart sing

But as you have my heart you

Can make it do anything you want.

I am like a music box ballerina

Just leaping whenever you

Give me some attention.

I would give you the world

but You are already the world to me.

Every star has no comparison to What I see in your eyes each

Time you smile and look at me

In the way only you can.

I give you not only my body

To do as you please because

I Would do anything to give you just

A moment of pleasure, but my mind

Which has only ever belonged to just me.

My body has been used

but my Mind secretly guarded

and I’m giving you the key.

I am naked before you in every way.

A fine line between happiness and hurt

So be careful not to put me

On the side to get dust.

For now I have given all I am to you

I can’t return to just being me.


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