Life is like Good Friday

What is Good Friday? For those that don’t know, and if you’re not Christian there’s no reason that you should unless you’ve heard or been told, this is the day that changed the world! Today Jesus gave his life so we could have a lifeline to God and spend eternity in heaven. To go further, it means that the one man in history who is sinless became sin so every time we do something wrong it is wiped clean and forgiven. There isn’t a sin in the world that isn’t forgiven. I tell my children though that doesn’t mean they can start doing whatever they like after I saw the excitment this conjured up!

So, if it resulted in the death (later resurrection but thats for easter Sunday!) of the greatest human that could ever live why on earth is the day called ‘good’? That’s a good question and has lots of different answers which is quite common in lots of the bible theories. Some say its ‘good’because Jesus saved us all. some say it comes from “Gods Friday” or that “good’ used ot mean “Holy’. Whatever the reason the meaning is the same.

And I often think that life can be like a ‘Good friday’ especially for many during times like we are facing right now. We have uncertainty, worry and a sense of loss of hope. We are losing loved ones, worried about others and not being able to see those we long to be with. For some they are with people that make their lives very difficult, children have been uprooted from everything they know and listen to adults worries makes them more insecure. People have lost jobs, businesses, homes, a sense of security. Parents have suddenly been catapulted into the roll of teacher, some for more than one child of different ages and abilities, trying to teach Special needs children who require much more time and equipment, trying to keep up with at least some of the constant work set with sometimes uncooperative children and at the same time expected to hold down a full time job at home. Or worried because they have no jobs and they don’t want to show their concerns in front of already bewildered children.

Everyone is just trying to get through each day the best they can.

Then there are people who face mental health issues and being isolated makes it all a hundred times worse. if people arent seeing them how can they notice if they really are ok when they say they are but they are’t sleeping and its taking all their effort to just. keep. going.  They can’t go to support groups or therapy sessions or to just get out to break they cycle of feeling so lost. 

There is no respite for carers, no respite for the abused, no respite for the child who has parents that drink and theres no food in the house. 

This is why life is like a “good Friday’.

But there is always hope. After Good Friday there came easter Sunday. A day of hope and resurrection where the world was saved. .

There is a light which will show after all this darkness. It may not feel like it now, and believe me I’ve been there but Jesus will Bring hope into your life. It may be all of a sudden or it may be gradually but it will happen. Sometimes we have to go through the darkest tunnel to find the way out. I don’t know why and it definitely isn’t fair but we can use it to help others going through the same.

Right now we are in Good friday but soon, very soon we will be celebrating Easter Sunday. Just hold on.


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