It’s not the end….

I know you feel alone

and as if you’re on your own

but your mind is telling you lies

you feel as if you need to die.

you feel that nobody cares

and there’s just nobody there

I can’t pretend to know you

but i’ve been there that much is true

the devil is whispering in your ear

At this moment he feels so near 

but reach out to god above

ask him to enfold you in his love.

I’ve felt the pain that you feel

I know the feelings are so real

how you’d be better off not here

how you can’t fight another year.

i wish I could be there thats true

to sit down and tell you I’m with you

This doesn’t have to be the end

I swear jesus can help you mend.

There’s nothing you’ve done that’s too bad

Just your love will make Him so glad

Please stop and think some more

Tell the devil to get out the door.

He’s telling you things that just aren’t true

So many people around care for you

It’s not time for you to part

Its not the end….Its just the start.


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