Luke and 2 Timothy….

In our church we follow set readings each week which follow in order and I have been having a go at writing “sermons”  for each one and I thought I would start putting them on here mainly so I didnt lose them and the more I learn about each part of the Bible then I could add to my writings.


These days its not always easy being, or at least telling people that you are a Christian. Its sometimes seen as Old-fashioned or at least not a modern day thing and because of this mind set it is easy to just go along with what everyone else thinks. Its all too easy to go along with a popular opinion rather than challenge it especially if the truth makes us feel uncomfortable. At Church its easy to be who you are because everyone else is there for the same reasons but its when its more difficult to speak up is when Paul is telling Timothy thats when it should also be done. What is also important for those preaching to actually preach the Word of God and not try and glorify themselves. Its also easy to think that this verse doesnt apply to the majority of us, after all very few of us are Vicars or Readers or equivalant but thats not what Paul was saying. The word “preach” is the Greek word “keyroxon”which means to publish or proclaim openly. Therefore anybody can do this wherever they are even if it doesnt feel very comfortable! It is also important to preach without words in the every day things that we do. When we smile, hold the door for people, help a starnger, dont participate in Gossip and through all acts of kindness we are preaching the gospel. As St. Francis of Assissi was quoted to have said “Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words”. This is something every one of us can do. The young, the older, the bed ridden, even those who cant talk. We can all Preach the Gospel. Someonewho did spread the news of Jesus was Anna who was a widow. Widows are mentioned quite a lot in the Gospels and the one in our reading today was the persistant widow. she kept on at the Unjust judge until he got so fed up he granted her justice. Now, I dont think this is saying that we should keep on until God gets fed up with us but rather that we should be persistant in prayer even when it seems that God may not even be hearing, he is. He looks after the vulnerable people like the wdow in the story when they coe up against unjust situations, like the judges portrayal. As we said before with spreadung the Word, prayer is something anyone can do no matter your circumstances and is the most important thing anyone cando so dont ever think ” all i can do is pray” as prayer is so crucial and I believe can make a difference if God hears the longing in us.
So in concusion of our readings today we have learnt that wherever we are and whoever we are with we should be spreading the Gospel and that we need to pray. lets finish with the final line in the parable “And yet, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth? and ask ourselves that when Jesus comes will he find real faith inside of each of us?


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