Nearly there…with Anxiety

It is nearly the end of another school year and the start of the summer fun. I always look forward to the holidays as I love having my children home with me. and for them, this term at school is all about fun and transition and there is so much excitment and things going on that even the most reluctant of learners seem to enjoy going to school each day.  Eating outside, Sports days, leaving plays…the fun just goes on!


But this term, even more so than the one leading up to Christmas, fills me with dread.

And thats because it causes many children with Special Needs so much Anxiety. Gone are the strict timetables that they feel safe with and know so well. Sports day can be cancelled at the last minute due to rain and usual lessons make way for time spent outside or activities weeks.  There is panic over whether they will have to eat outside.

And the biggest fear my children have is their new classes. I can sense it coming on year after year when the realisation that everyone is getting excited about being a year older at school and talking about what to get their teachers for leaving presents. There is so much for them to think and worry about. Who will their new teacher be? What Teaching Assistants will they have in the class? Where will they sit? Does the teacher know the things that make life that little bit easier for them? And then they get to spend a day with their new teachers which is very exciting for most but for children like mine, it interupts their usual day.

So, whilst I love the light evenings and special things going on at school (although hard to juggle with work and not wanting to let my children down) I am ready for the questions, tears and fears that the Summer brings!



One thought on “Nearly there…with Anxiety

  1. I am a carer for a 14 year old with autism and ADHD. His anxiety is through the roof at the moment as he waits to find out his class for next year. He is in a special needs school too. I really feel for kids who have anxiety at this time of year x


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