Mid-life Celebration

I think that I may officially be a grown-up now!!!

A few weeks ago I turned 40! The day was lovely, I met up with my friends from Art Club in the morning and got cards, gifts and lovely biscuits and then met up with my Mum, Sister and family and some more friends in the afternoon and again was showered with cards and gifts! I thought how lucky I am! The evening my ex came out who I am still very good friends with and he brought me a selection of thoughtful and funny gifts and my children all made me things and put together a party tea for me. It was a lovely day and I smiled as I went to bed at how I enjoyed it and thought that was the end of it.

I was wrong!!

On the Saturday I thought I was going to the Village social which is held monthly and I walked in quite happily , only to be met with a chorus of Happy birthday and it was full of people I knew! My wonderful family had managed to put together a surprise party for me! I was overwhelmed mainly because of the amount of people that turned up and it really made me realise how lucky I am to live in this village. I may not get along with everyone but these people make life memorable and this is the sign I needed to show we are still living in the right place after months of confusing thoughts about whether it is time for us to leave.

I was also so glad that I wasn’t walking into the place complaining or almost collapsing as quite often happens when i have to walk up the long hill!!

I had the most wonderful night and was quite exhausted by 10 o clock! I smiled as i thought to myself if this were 20 years ago, I wouldn’t have even been going out until about 10 o clock! I have enjoyed my days of partying but I very much like who I am now. I am much more at peace with myself, more content as I know what I want and I know myself more.

And as I looked around the room I made a vow to really count my blessings more than my complaints!







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