Waiting for a sign!

One thing we really love about any of the school holidays is that we go and stay with my parents for a few days. We, of course, just love to see them but we love the novelty of having so many things easily available to us. We have so much fun and enjoy every moment of being there.

But we always look forward to coming home. I dont mean we like to leave Mum and Dad as we certainly don’t, but we do yearn for the quietness of our village, the familiarity and close knit feel of it and of course, the beach.  We almost breathe a sigh of relief at being back to where we belong.

Something, this time was different. We wanted to stay more days, weeks even! We had so much going on and so much left to do that we weren’t packing happily and waiting to breathe in the familiar air of home. There was always someone to visit or somewhere to go and having Mum and Dad right there was priceless.  In September two of my children will be at school there but my youngest does enjoy his primary school which I would then have to get him to myself. My son had a swimming lesson which we could just walk to, we could hop on a bus and go miles and we had lots of opportunities to mix with other Christians. Now, I am just as happy to mix with anyone of any Faith  or belief but as new Christians we are hungry to learn! There are lots of Churches and more importantly lots of meetings, events and just things going on to include us. The overwhelming feelings I keep having cant be ignored about moving to a new place.

We have been very happy here and my children love it! The freedom they have to play is so important to them. I know that there are people looking out for them and always a house they could go to if they needed to, if I was late getting their school bus for example. We know everyone and everyone knows us which has so many blessings, and a few negative ones!! I have some lovely friends and things that I am involved in here like Art Club, Committees, Church and writing for the magazine,  plus some things that are planned for the next few months but I’m not sure if the excitement of it all has dwindled.

On the other hand, even though there are so many exciting  opportunities where my parents live, its much busier and we just love the quiet of village life!  There are some days when I think it would be nice to live in a place where we could walk by people who didn’t know us and because there are so many people, we wouldn’t have to try and get along with difficult people and big matters here would seem less important there. I just wonder if we might get lonely at times not having people wonder if we are ok if they dont see us that day. And if we did move and decided we had made a mistake we wouldn’t be able to come back as there are no houses available here.

So, we are at a crossroads and I need a sign to tell me what I am supposed to do as at the end of the day it will be up to me what we do, and of course I would be blamed if it made us unhappy!  I guess I need to be patient and see what unfolds and hope I make the right choice!






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