I was at my very good friends house last week with a group of others and we were talking about ourselves and the season we were eac hin and how we got to this stage in our journey of faith. As i told my story (  not that I really have one especially compared with the others and their divine moments!, mine seems rather boring!) my friend said ” I have definetly seen a change in you since I first met you”

That really meant a lot to me, assuming of course that she meant a good change or that may have been a little awkward after I was saying thank you! It meant a lot as this lady is my Reverend but more importantly she is my good friend whos opinion really matters to me.

Do I feel as if I have changed? I do. I dont mean this to be arrogant at all but I feel I am becoming a better person. my main change is how I feel inside. I feel peace most of the time. Of course I worry still but i feel God has my life worked out for the best so I feel content. Its a nice ffeling to have and I hope everyone finds it, whether they believe in God or another Religion or something entirely different.


Since my last post Ive been enjoying life, of course with the kids but Ill talk about our stuff in another post, but personally Ive been trying new things and meeting new people which ive found daunting after 15 years of having a child with me to break the ice! But its been great and Ive made new friends.  It started with mine and Lititias Confirmation which was a really magical day, made better because some lovely people from our Church came to support us. It felt peaceful when I was touched by the Bishop and warm. It was also very special as our 3 reverends that helped us through the Confirmation classes chose to sit with us. It was just sad that our classes were over as we formed a special bond but I got invited to a Bible Study group with my 2 great friends and Ive met some more lovely people who I wouldnt have ever had the chance to meet had it not been for me accepting Jesus into my life. and one lady who is just amazing with all she has been through said she would like to meet for coffee when our classes had finished which made me happy all week! Someone actually wants to spend time with me haha

I got invited to a lovely Candlelit service with some people frim Church and we had a meal after. I felt like I was glowing to be asked to be part of such a wonderful group of people.  People that like me for me, its quite hard to get used to!

I feel like for the first time in my life I’m not searching anymore. I have ideas of how I would like my life to go, I feel a calling which I won’t talk about now but I am being tutored by a great man ( that sounds a little weird when I read it back😀) and I’m excited to see what my path will take. 









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