Sticks and stones….

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.


I think we have all heard that saying in some form or another in our lives.  The thing is over the years Ive realised that it is just not true! In fact, mean words can hurt us more and for longer than if someone had physically harmed us.

How many times do we say something to someone and then follow it with ” Im only joking”. It doesnt feel like a joke to whoever we say it to.Just one sentance can change a persons life forever. i know a girl well that was told she was fat as a teenager and years of anorexia and bullimia followed. Im sure the person that said it to her never even gave it another thought after saying it and yet if affected the girls life for years.


Just this week I have heard some awful things that have been said to an Autistic boy whilst we were on holiday. It shocked me more that the parents of the group of children (yes there were 5 children calling this boy names) did nothing. Do they not think this young man has feelings? It hurt me so much that I had to say something. Of course I would have said something if the boy had Autism or not but having children with Autism it really hit home.


Words we say to children can have such a huge impact on them. In our house we have banned words like “stupid” “dumb” “thick” and anything along those lines. I am so careful what I say to my kiddies espeially if im cross, words a parent might say to a child can scar them and make them feel worthless.


There is no way to take back a word once its said.


I have been guilty to say things before i think and give my opinion far too quickly so Im really really trying to think everything through before i say it. I think whether what im about to say is actually really needed or helpful or whether it is better to just be kept to myself!


i have also found this fantastic group which Im sure a lot will already know about called “Operation Beautiful”. Basically you write encouraging words on sticky notes and put it for people to see. So a toilet door, inside a library book, a bus seat…you get the point. What a nice way to cheer up someone who might be having a bad day.


and wouldnt life be so much nicer for everyone if we just stopped using cruel words as if they were our fists.




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