What have we been up to?

It feels like the last few months have happened in just a few days they have gone so fast! I feel out of breath sometimes just trying to keep up and I want it to all slow down before the kids have left home and I’m sat staring at empty rooms. So, before I make myself more miserable an update of what we have been doing!


As is quite usual for us we have had a trip to the aquarium 🙂 We just love that place and tend to go most holidays as its something all the children enjoy, that can be quite hard with 4 children of varying ages and interests! Luckily we do enjoy each others company so can generally compromise as we like to be together.

We stayed with my parents which again we all love to do!  When we are there we do stuff that we don’t have where we live like going to the park and swimming pool. Its nice to just walk for a few minutes and be able to play on the swings!  The kids love the swimming pool too (Im not fond of it if im honest as I am really not a water person! but I am happy when they are having fun) and Charlie has learnt to swim which Im so proud of! And Jayden isn’t frightened of letting go of me in the pool anymore! The girls have always been great swimmers as their school taught them a few times a week from an early age.  Most importantly though, we love the evenings where we sit with my parents and just chat and laugh. We don’t see them enough and I miss them a lot when we leave.


I have been to a lot of appointments it seems and had a tear in my eye at Lititias statement review when she said one of the most important things to her was spending time with her family and Charlie said to the Educational Psychologist that if he ever had a worry he can always come and tell me. These things mean so much to me. Jessie has been on some visits to her secondary school and is practicing for her leavers assembly! She is a little sad as she “only” has a few lines but I am so proud of her especially considering that when she first joined the school she couldn’t even sit in assembly as it was too much for her and now she wants to be a lead role in the play! How far she has come!


As the weather has been so nice, we have been spending a lot of evenings on the beach. There is always something fun to do and Im always amazed and enjoy the games that the kids make up to play whilst we are there. Its a great place to go if we need to just get out of the house or if tempers are starting to get a little short!


Of course we have been doing our usual Church stuff. Sunday services, Lititia did the Altar flowers and now helps set up before church and after and Charlie did his first Bell ringing wedding! Their confidence is growing being a part of something where they feel like they belong. Jayden said he would like to be a Vicar! I think at the moment his talks would involve a lot of dinosaurs and Captain Jake but a good choice nonethe less!


And as I write this tonight I am on yet another course of steroids and antibiotics for my chest but that’s ok. I may not be able to breathe so well sometimes but my kids are what gives me life and that’s all I need.








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