It’s the smallest things…

I can honestly say that if someone gave me a million pounds I wouldn’t be happier than I was with what I got on my birthday ( well I would be pretty happy if I got the money as well! )

For around 10 years now I have not made a fuss of my birthday. As we get older I guess we don’t anyway but the reason mainly for me is because my girls really don’t like the change of routine and the excitement.  Of course its different when it comes to the childrens birthdays as it just wouldn’t be fair in anyway to stop the boys missing out on what is a huge celebration of their lives especially when they have to  live with some pretty difficult days and situations. Like not having people in the house because it makes Jessie extremely anxious.

Anyway back to the point! As well as wonderful gifts such as plants, clothes, pens and lots of stuff that I loved, I received a plant from Charlie and a frozen sticker set from Jayden! My boys always love to give me things and I treasure them.



Just as I was hugging them and thinking I must get on with making tea, (sadly birthday or not, these children apparently still need to be fed!!) Jessie brought me over a carrier bag with a cuddly toy in that I commented on when we went to the toy shop and Lititia handed me a card that she had bought with her own money and written in it herself.

I was so overwhelmed and happy that I would have cried if it wouldn’t have frightened them. You see I have never received a birthday gift from Jessie or a card from Lititia that they had gotten of their own accord. Its not that they aren’t thoughtful and loving, they just don’t think the same as many and im proud of their uniqueness of course. But this birthday will be treasured.


So, if there are any parents of Special Needs children who may be going through a hard time and wondering if it will ever get better, it will. Slowly, and with a lot of love and patience you will loo back one day and realise just how far you have come.


And that isn’t the end of my day! My wonderful children also made me tea!!! A real childrens party tea which of course had all the things they love and enough sweet stuff to fuel an army of bees and I  of course was left with the washing up..but its the small things that are most important right?


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