When you touch me…..

When you touch me I don’t flinch
Not with you.
I know you only have tender fingers
You don’t leave me black and blue.
Your words are soft to my heart
Like warm days and sunsets and
Everything soft. Not like the jagged glass
I’m used to of cruel insults and harshness
that cut deep and forever last.
You do everything to raise me up like
I’m worth something and sometimes…
sometimes I believe it …
Until the past that lowered me pushes in my
mind like stuck in grit
after a cut. My cuts you try and heal..
the ones deep inside that never really closed
and were all I’d feel…
But sometimes you slowly form scars
Over the wounds and you lift
off the bars
that cover my feelings. I’m not scared with you.
I’m not scared to be naked in body or mind.
I know the only things you do to me
Are coming from your heart that’s kind .


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