Losing You

The pain of the thought of losing you

Is so intense

I think the real pain will be too much.

It will be like sitting in a black hole with no way out and getting in there

was not a choice.

There will be no point to anything.

To waking, to breathing, to sleeping

Actually No.

Sleep will be welcome

with dreams of you still being there

Its the waking that I would hate.

When the reality will hit with a force that will take away every breath.

What will be the point in the sun when you have become the light of my life?

Why would the moon be there when theres only me to see it?

What would laughter be without you to make it?

What would be the point in me anymore when

My best piece isnt there?

I will wish I had listened more, hugged longer and made every minute a memory.

The hole will make me fall without an end,

how will I get out

when its always been you thats

shown me the way?


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