Is this the end or just the start?

I’m not used to doing this

I’d normally just close the door

And erase all traces of you ever being here

Should I just

Stick a plaster on the cracks of my heart

And hope the stitches don’t break

Like the parts of my soul have?

And every time I see you

and things seem the same do I

Mop up the blood of the wound

And restick the gape?

Shall I say it’s all fine

And smile and play a part

And act solid as always like a stone

When actually In the quiet of the night

When I’m all alone

I feel like a sheet of glass

With the same stone one step away

From smashing my thoughts

And turning off the light.

I usually would have forgotten your name

And how your hand feels in mine

But I still remember everything and how

Your arms with mine were entwined.

How your skin tastes of only you and

How you know so much about me

And yet you shut me out like I’m just someone you don’t know

And now with you I can’t speak free

And yet you’re in my every thought

All I want is to hold you tight and

Kiss your lips just one more time

And for just one day once again

I could pretend that you are mine.

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