Be perfect

This is a poem I wrote ages ago about how I felt at the time what it was like to be female. I’m going to put some of my poetry on here so I don’t lose it and in the hope that I may start writing again.

Be pretty, be smart
Not too smart though
Smile at all the guys
Stop smiling you look like a hoe
You look great but
Have you tried this diet pill?
Just lose a few more pounds
What’s wrong you look so Ill?
Beauty comes in all sizes
Why aren’t you a size ten?
It’s great that you’re so independent
But honey don’t you want to attract men?
Your lips are so pretty
Maybe a bit more pout?
Don’t flaunt your body but
get that cleavage out.
No always means no
But tell me this
What were you wearing
And your fault if you started the kiss.

You need to be thinner
You need to try more
Wear your clothes a bit tighter
But don’t get classed as a whore!
Buy this product
To clear up your skin
Go to the gym to get curves
But maybe you’d look better thin?
Don’t wear too much make up
But without you look rough
No matter how you try Princess
You’ll never be quite good enough.


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