Charlies 10th Birthday Party

On Saturday my lovely eldest son, Charlie had his 10th birthday party. His birthday was a few weeks ago but he likes to have his party a few weeks after that just to prolong the celebration I think!!! It turned out to be a lovely afternoon and about 30 children came who were all well mannered and well behaved! Even my children behaved themselves which was great as I am sure they choose the busiest places to generally try and embarrass me! I cleverly each let them invite a friend cant outsmart mummy! The children danced and joined in and laughed and all seemed to get along really well with nobody being left out.

I was so glad though that everything went well because I was worried and kept awake for days before! I worry that people wont come and if they do come they won’t enjoy it or they won’t like the food or entertainment. This is the reason I would and have never had my own birthday party!! Its my 40th next year and I would probably cry if I thought of having a party!! My sister on the other hand loves organising parties and is fantastic at it!!! She had a folder and just knew exactly what everyones jobs would be and exactly what needed to be done. I, on the other hand, forgot to give out invitations to my sons christening as I just assumed people would come!!

My sister is a fantastic organiser and really should think of going into some kind of planning job. I am just someone who is happy to go along with things and help. Its fascinating how people can be so different but it also makes life interesting and we certainly need all kinds of people to make life go along smoothly20150808_150414


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